Recycling of our Materials

At Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we believe the process of sustainability and recycling of materials is of paramount importance for the environment.

With each refit or refurbishment we undertake, we try to reuse as many items as we can, those that we can not, go to the local recycling centre to ensure that as much of any waste material can be efficiently recycled.

We will always try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of the building materials as possible.

How Is It Recycled?

It is tragic that many valuable materials end up in a landfill, whereas they could have been reused in some form.

Here are some ways in which our waste materials are recycled:

Glass – if not complete and can not be reused by us, it can be recycled to be used for different purposes, including the manufacture of concrete and insulation. Where possible, we will endeavour to reuse our glass partitions if, for example, a company is relocating.

Wood – this is mostly recycled for the creation of energy.

Bricks, concrete and stones – these materials are sent off to be crushed and used to produce new asphalt and concrete.

Metal – recycling metal is far more energy-efficient and cost-saving than creating new metal from raw materials.

Cardboard and paper – can be reconstituted or shredded to make insulation and animal bedding.

Plasterboard – can be reprocessed to make new plasterboard.

Reusing Materials

The most common reused materials are as follows:

  • Bricks and tiles (damaged items can be crushed)
  • Inert materials (concrete, soils, stones asphalt)
  • Timber
  • Paint
  • Plasterboard
  • Packaging

The reduce element comes from our teams. When we quote on a project, we ensure that we order the correct amount of required materials – good for the planet and good for your pocket too!

The benefits of recycling and its impact on our planet are immeasurable.

To meet the demands of today’s construction industry, we all need to consider the best ways in which we can look to recycle, otherwise, with demand increasing we shall see the loss of biodiversity and an increase in environmental damage. This is why we at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning take the matter so seriously!

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