We offer a wide range of suspended ceilings solutions

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, suspended ceilings offer many benefits. They can help to improve acoustics in a room by reducing noise and echo, making them a popular choice for offices and classrooms. They also provide easy access to the original ceiling for maintenance and repairs. Suspended ceilings are also energy-efficient, as they can help to reduce heating and cooling costs by creating a layer of insulation between the original ceiling and the suspended one.

An added advantage of suspended ceilings is that they can be insulated with polybagged insulation. These are individually sealed insulation pads that fit on the back of ceiling tiles, to help provide thermal insulation. The sealed insulation bags ensure that the insulation fibres are kept within the bag itself, which are perfect for areas of hygiene or any other ‘fibre free’ environments. 

With a network of suppliers, we can offer leading brands such as Armstrong, OWA, Rockfon, Ecophon, British Gypsum & AMF


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Sussex and Surrey Partitioning offer a range of services, to bring any project to full completion at the highest standard in the industry. 

Every project requires a mix of services and we are proud to say that we are recognised for our professionalism in all of them, from initial 3D Design and Concept to Full Fit Out. 

Whatever your project needs, we have it covered from start to finish.

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“We are absolutely delighted with the office. It is basically everything we wanted. We had regular meetings with Sussex and Surrey all the way through the process, so we got exactly what we wanted and what the staff wanted. They have done an absolutely fantastic job with the office and the office looks amazing! Nothing is too big, nothing is too much trouble. They are fully involved in the process with regular meetings throughout the process.”
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