Demountable, Lightweight and Strong Stud Partition Systems

Create the perfect office layout, which you can change and move at any time with our stud partitions

With their excellent fire resistance and soundproofing capabilities, stud partitions can be used in both offices and warehouses. As one of the most versatile systems you can get, stud partitions are available in a wide range of plasterboards with single and double skin options available.

Stud partitioning is a good looking and cost-effective solution for any open area that needs to have an office space created. The systems are lightweight and easy to install quickly, with frames that fit together neatly and perform extremely well.

Whilst we can build a bespoke solution for you, our two most common stud partition types are listed below:

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System 75

This lightweight system is the perfect temporary office solution. Fitted using channels on the bottom and top, this stud partition wall has a framed look. The frames can be customised by colour or material.

System 100

At more than twice the thickness of the other, this system offers improved acoustic benefits. The larger cavity within the metal stud wall can be used for insulation material.

Additional Features

All of our partitioning systems can be developed and updated as your business does, with our range of partition accessories.

Our stud partitions can be made your own with beautiful metallic trims, vinyl branding and your company colours. Doors and windows can also be added if required. On top of that, we can add skirting boards to further protect the partitioning.

When we come for the site survey, your needs will be discussed and heard, so that you are given the best stud partition solution possible. Below are just a few of the added benefits you may want to think about when getting a stud partition:


We can install fibreglass or Rockwool to help reduce sound transfer. Benefit from up to 30db – 50db sound reduction.


Our stud walls offer between 30 – 60 minutes of integrity and insulation. Talk to us about how we can best design your workplace for an emergency.


Built to comply with DDA, you can expect 44mm thick solid core timber veneered doorways. Plus you can customise the locks, latches, panels and hinges.


Add a dash of personality to your stud walls with colour. We can paint, print and personalise using vinyl wall coverings, unique trims or powder coating.

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