Partition Accessories

Perfect your project with partition accessories

Sound Proofing

Allow your employees to work at their best with sound proofed partitioning. Our Rockwall solution offers 30db – 50db sound reduction which will make noisy conversations, quiet.


Did you know white walls have been linked to depression? Add a dash of personality to your office with colour. We can paint, print and personalise using vinyl wall coverings, unique trims or powder coating.

Doors & Windows

Make sure everyone can access your office with DDA compliant doorways which are built to be wheelchair friendly. Plus all window & doors can have their locks, latches, panels and hinges customised to make you really stand out.

Stairs and Stairwells

What goes up, must come down and that’s not all. Staircases are also a chance to show off some style. Customise your banisters, hand rails and flooring with different brand colours and material.

Could partitioning or mezzanine flooring be the solution for you?

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