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Hybrid Working – How it Will Affect the Office

We can all agree that the past few years have been a challenge, and they’ve ushered in a new age of working from home and hybrid working. 

The benefits of hybrid working have been well documented, with studies showing 72% of workers would prefer long-term flexibility over their working location, rather than a pay rise

What is hybrid working?:

Hybrid working means that employees are not required to work in the office every day of the week. 

Whilst it varies for each company, most now require staff to be in the office only one or two days a week, whilst they work from home for the majority of the time. 

With all these changes, the role of the office has begun to shift in our day-to-day working lives. 

When once they might’ve been our main place of work, they’re now being used more as a place to work collaboratively during the week.

Most people enjoy the benefit of working from home, as it allows them to fully customise their space and tailor it to their own individual needs. 

It’s also great for those workers who prefer a bit more privacy when they’re working. 

How is the office layout changing?:

The principles of office layout and design have changed massively in the last few years, as many offices are discovering the advantages of different office layouts, utilising things such as hot-desking, where employees can book out desks as and when they need to use them for work. 

Open-plan offices were far more common, as many workers enjoyed more social interaction, opting to make use of the in-person interaction to share ideas or collaborate on projects. 

This is a design that is now changing slightly, with more use of glass partitioning, to keep the open plan feel but keep staff safe in the office on the days they’re in now.

One of the main things to consider is how office layout affects productivity, as even though the hot-desk and open-plan layouts can be highly effective, they can lead to some workers being distracted and unable to focus as well as they could when undisturbed at home. 

What can be done to help?:

This is where office partition systems can make all the difference. 

Here at SSP, we can create bespoke office partitions to fit your office just like a glove. 

We utilise our expertise to ensure that what we produce maintains the current look and feel of your space, whilst providing workers who need a little more privacy or quiet with a place to do their best work. 

Internal glass office partitions are great for maintaining an open-plan feel, whilst giving employees somewhere a little quieter, whilst office partition walls can be easily moved around to enable hot-desking staff to have privacy when they require it. 

With the move to hybrid working becoming more and more accepted each day, we believe it’s important to make sure that when we do work in the office, we can do it with as much comfort as we have at home. 

Please get in touch to find out how our expert team can help to make your office the best it can be, with our range of partitioning services. 


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