Glass Partitions | Modern office space with framed glass partitions

Glass Wall Partitioning – Modernise Your Space

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in businesses wanting to modernise their office space and incorporate current business trends like hybrid working and open-plan designs. Glass wall partitioning is one of the most popular modern office improvements we carry out.

Whilst open-plan offices are a great way to maximise the space that you have available, some businesses do opt to install a glass wall partitioning system in order to create meeting rooms and private spaces for those who prefer to work with a little more privacy.

Here at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we offer a range of high-quality toughened glass office partitions to suit any office space and help to elevate your interior style and function.

Glass Wall Partitioning | Office space with industrial glass partitions

How can glass wall partitioning help?

Glass partitions offer a stylish and affordable way to elevate your current office design, and we are able to incorporate them into any office environment, and we can even install glass partitions with double doors or with framed doors so that they seamlessly fit in.

Glass partition walls bring a range of benefits, including:

  • Acoustic Dampening: Glass partitions are great at stopping unwanted echoes in the office when working in open-plan environments. They can help to minimise distractions for those who prefer a quieter working space.


  • Natural Light: Both framed and frameless glass partitions allow natural light to pass through your office. This helps to create a light and airy feeling in the office, and natural light has also been proven to bring a number of health benefits.


  • Stylish: Our partitions are designed to elevate your existing space and stand out as a striking and stylish addition to your office. Our team will work with you to find a design that works best for you.


  • Safety: We can take into account safety requirements when designing our glass partition systems. From fire-rated glass to toughened glass partitions, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Glass Wall Partitioning | modern office space with frameless glass partition

What types of glass partitions are available?

We install frameless and framed glass partitions, and each provides the same benefits, with slight differences in appearance.

Frameless partitions fit in seamlessly in any office space, offering a floor-to-ceiling partitioning solution that doesn’t block out any light.

Framed partitions convey the sleek style of the classic Crittal metal framed windows and help to create an eye-catching, industrial feel within the workplace.

Both of our glass partition systems can be customised to fit your needs, and we are also able to add creative extras like company branding if you wish!

Glass Wall Partitioning | Modern office space with framed glass partitions

Sussex and Surrey Partitioning – Glass Wall Partitioning

Here at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we have been designing and installing glass wall partitioning systems for many years. Our team understand how to make the most out of your space and ensures that you are left with a professional and bespoke solution.

If you would like to discuss your next project with us, please give us a ring on 01444 220525. We can better understand the work required and give you a no-obligation quote.

For more information about our partitions, visit the Partitioning page.

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