Benefits of Hybrid Working | Person attending an online meeting on laptop.

Benefits of Hybrid Working – 5 Top Reasons

The benefits of hybrid working have proven successful and paved the way forward for work in the future.

With remote working becoming more of an option, 84% of workers who had to work from home during the pandemic said they’d like to continue with a hybrid working model.

Hybrid workplaces are quickly becoming the norm, and it’s no surprise, as they bring many benefits that help empower employees and create a more enjoyable work-life balance.

Hybrid working essentially means a set of working arrangements where employees can work remotely and in the office. For example, some workplaces set a day each week for face-to-face office work, and others allow their team to choose when best suits them.

This blog will explore the five main benefits of hybrid working and explain how we can help your business make the transition.

Benefits of Hybrid Working | Dog sitting in lap whilst owner uses laptop.Flexibility

Flexible working hours and remote working allow your team to choose where and when (within reason) they work. For example, some people find that offices might be too distracting or uncomfortable and prefer to work from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of Hybrid Working | Person attending an online meeting on laptop.Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance is essential for both you and your team. Mental health can be negatively impacted by overworking and insufficient time for breaks.

Hybrid working allows your team to decide when they feel working remotely or in the office will benefit them most, as our moods can fluctuate all the time.

Those who prefer to work in the privacy of their home can, whilst those who enjoy the social aspects of office spaces still get that benefit. Hybrid working allows your team to decide what works best for them whilst enjoying the ‘best of both worlds’.

Benefits of Hybrid Working | Glazed partitioning with rabbit design.Reduced Costs

Hybrid working brings a range of savings to both you and your employees!

Increasing the number of remote employees means that there will be fewer people in the office and, therefore, less space needed for work to get done. As well as this, running costs will be lower due to fewer resources being used, so bills will decrease alongside the costs of commuting for your team.

Of course, for those times that your team gets together in the office, it’s always good to have an attractive meeting room, like the ones we build with our glass partitions! Many Businesses are also opting to downsize and shift their office to more of a hot-desking setup.

Benefits of Hybrid Working | Office break room with branded seating and bar.Improved Company Culture

By allowing employees the choice of whether or not to work from the office or even setting one day a week to come in, it means that when they do come in, they will be more engaged and ready to work collaboratively.

It encourages employees to work together when they are in the office, as tasks like group meetings and presentations can be scheduled for office days, whilst individual work can be completed wherever the employee feels most comfortable and productive.

Benefits of Hybrid Working | Person coughing into elbow.Improved Safety

In the more traditional world of office work, employees can often feel like they have to come to work even if they are suffering from illness. However, hybrid working allows them to still function effectively as part of the team whilst at home, ensuring illnesses are spread much less than beforehand.

The Benefits of Hybrid Working – Sussex and Surrey Partitioning

If you want to move to a hybrid working model in your business, Sussex and Surrey Partitioning are here to help.

From designing and installing bespoke partitions for privacy in the office to creating stunning hot-desking arrangements and wall designs to improve the well-being of your team when they are in the office, we can do it all!

Get in touch today on 01444 220525 to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help.

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