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Reusing Glass Partitioning – The Eco-Friendly Office Choice

Most of us have been hard hit by COVID-19, and it meant a large number of employees had to work from home. However, as we are slowly returning to the office after a long 18 months, one thought may be foremost in your mind – Does your office need updating? If the answer is yes then there is a lot you can do to refresh your workspace. One thing we recommend to bring a new lease of life to your office is with glass partitioning.

A new layout and glass office partitions could be a welcoming addition that companies bring to the main workplace. However, with the ever-growing challenge to be environmentally conscious, installing brand new glass isn’t always the first option to consider.

Here at Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, we are proud installers of glass partitioning walls. If it is a viable option, installing upcycled glass partitioning will mean you are playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint and will have less of a negative impact on the environment.

By installing glass partitioning, used or new, you can achieve an open plan feel in a cost-effective way. With reference back to COVID, it may be a wise choice for any business if their profits have been negatively impacted during the pandemic.

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Benefits of Glass over Stud Partitioning.

Glass partitioning can also be an aesthetic replacement for old stud partition walls you may have in your office. Stud partitioning may be good for having complete privacy within some offices, however, glass is becoming more and more popular and has many benefits.

Having glass partitioning will mean that an enclosed and potentially cramped office area can become open and spacious. You will be able to see all your fellow colleagues and feel the flow of the energy of the team, even when you are in a private room working alone.

A massive benefit of glass partitioning is that it can bring lots of natural light into the workspace since it will be a more open-plan layout, which can in effect, help with your wellbeing and mental health. Multiple studies have found sunlight will boost the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin. For more info on how sunlight can affect you in positive ways click here.

Freedom Works – A Recent Relocation Project.

In February this year, Jon Trigg, of Freedom Works, got in touch with us, as his landlord had advised him, that the building which they were occupying was due to be demolished. Jon required our help in removing and relocating all of the glass partitioning throughout the offices in Crawley to new premises in Worthing.


Sussex and Surrey Partitioning accepted the challenge, and we were eager to assist in the relocation of Freedom Works. To find out more about how the project went, read the full case study here.

Alternatively, to discuss a project you have in mind which may include using upcycled materials, contact us today on 01444 220 525 or visit our website to find out more.

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