Planning Your Refurbishment Project

Before you embark on a refurbishment project there are a variety of things to consider. Foremostly we recommend taking extra preparation in the planning stage.

Whether you are looking to give your space a lick of paint, style it out with some new furniture, or completely redesign your space. It’s important to plan appropriately.

With over 20 years of experience with business space refurbishments, these are the main things we recommend when  planning your project: 


The first thing to consider is what kind of budget you would be working with. It is important to have that all-important chat with the person who holds the purse strings early on. 

Knowing what budget you have at your disposal can mean the difference between a redesign and a refurbishment.  

Not only does this define what you can do but also the quality of materials used in your project. If you have your eye on the state-of-the-art ergonomic chairs, to keep everyone’s back in shape, but can only afford an IKEA chair, then your plans will need to adapt. 

Of course, the decision-maker may require estimates on what you need before confirming a budget, in which case, leave this step until the end.

Deciding on What To Do With Your Space

Next up, you need to confirm exactly what you want from your project. Understanding the end purpose of the space, will help you decide what needs doing. If you’re looking to refurbish, then see what options are available to utilise the space. 

This might include adding a mezzanine floor to double your space or using glass partitioning to create meeting rooms, offices, and multi-use breakout rooms. 

If you just want to update the space, then you could go as small or as big as you like. This could be bringing in new furniture that works well in the space or redecorating to rebrand or improve productivity.

Lead Times

And finally, prepare for lengthy lead times. A lot has changed in the last couple of years. One relevant change is how long material lead times can take. Allowing for plenty of time when planning your refurbishment, to allow for material delays, can make a massive difference in how smoothly the project will flow. 

Allowing for 6-8 weeks before work can commence on your project, once agreed upon, will make managing the project that little bit easier and manage expectations from the get-go.

Sussex & Surrey Partitioning

Whatever project you are looking to embark on, anything can be achieved with proper planning. 

Here at Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, we can assist with your project planning. No matter what you want to achieve, we can help. We have lots of experience working with offices, warehouses, schools and stock rooms. 

We specialise in glass partitioning and steel mezzanines and are confident we can bring whatever you envision for your space to life. 

Contact us today on 01444 220525 to discuss your up-and-coming refurbishment project and see how we can assist.

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