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We are delighted to say that 2021 kept us busy with a record-breaking year. So much so, that we are fully booked until the end of the year!

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing clients and we loved every project we completed.

2022 is fast approaching, so we recommend getting in touch now to book your glazed partitions and mezzanine floors installations today, in readiness for the year ahead.

For those who are not familiar with us, here is a bit about us.

Who are we?

We are Sussex and Surrey Partitioning Ltd, a commercial partitioning and mezzanine installation company based in Burgess Hill.

We have over 20 years of expertise and experience helping businesses develop new ideas to increase and improve their workspace in fitting with their needs and requirements.

What do we do?

As our name suggests, partitioning is a big part of what we do but we also are specialists in mezzanine floor installations. We can help businesses partition their workspace to create an improved working environment, saving both time spent on moving and the cost of renting out a more expensive unit.

Pair this with creating exactly what you need in your current space, it’s amazing what you can achieve with what you already have.

We specialise in bespoke glass partitions that fit your space perfectly. Our partition systems come either framed or frameless, and our glass partitioning can also be customised with company branding printed onto the glass.

We are experts in partitioning, mezzanine floor installation, suspended ceilings, and fit-outs but we can also provide services such as furniture sourcing, office refurbishment and facilities management.

Why install partitioning?

Partitioning is a unique way of dividing your office space. This can be done with stud partitioning, glass partitioning or steel partitioning.

Another advantage to partitioning is that you can change it whenever you need to rearrange your office, and often use the existing partitioning you have. By using your existing partitioning in a new layout, you are playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

It is a cost-saving way to make sure you get the best you can from your space. Read more about the benefits of office partitioning here.

Why install a mezzanine?

A mezzanine is an excellent way to increase space. Often, you can double your space by installing a mezzanine.

This is especially relevant in warehouse units. You may need more room, so installing a mezzanine floor can offer you this valuable extra space. Pair this with partitioning, and you can include office space in addition to storage space, in your warehouse.

Why start my project in 2022?

Hybrid working was a big factor that came about in 2021, and as people slowly return to the office, businesses are finding their existing space no longer works for a mixed style of working.

In a recent article by the BBC, they predict that the hybrid office will see fewer desks and more social and collaborative spaces. Make sure you are ready for hybrid working throughout 2022.


Whatever project you have in mind for 2022, give us a call to discuss where we can help on 01444 220525 or email us at sales@sussexandsurreypartitioning.co.uk.

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