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The Psychology of Office Partition Walls

Office partition walls are a fantastic way to bring a new look to your office; with a variety of high-quality partitioning systems available, there’s something for every business to choose from.

Our range of partitions includes frameless glass partitions and traditional partition walls, too, allowing businesses to create meeting rooms and divide up larger spaces into more convenient areas for work in the office.

Whilst many people understand the benefits of partitions in terms of office design, the psychology behind partitioning is rarely considered.

In this blog, we’ll explore three of the major ways that partitioning will have a positive impact on your team!

Office partition walls | Glass partitions in an office reception space

Boundaries and Focus:

Office partitioning systems help to provide a physical boundary for team members in the office, creating specific areas for quiet work and increased concentration.

Reducing external stimuli helps when deeper focus is needed to complete time-sensitive tasks or for team members who prefer a quieter space to work.

By lowering the number of distractions, some workers find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand and get more work done, increasing their productivity and sense of achievement.

Motivation and Engagement:

Alternatively, different types of office partitions, like glass and traditional partitions, can be used to create more of an open-plan environment for when your team need a space to work collaboratively on projects. Our team will work with you to find the best way of doing this in your space, whether that’s through removing solid walls and installing lower partitions that allow team members to talk across or even by creating several spaces using partitions that multiple team members can work within.

Glass partitioning systems are also used to increase natural light in the office, which has been proven to increase engagement and productivity, as well as adding to a sense of team cohesiveness as your employees will be more connected when they are able to see each other in the office.

We are also able to fit our glass partitions with glass doors, creating a seamless and extremely stylish look that will contribute to making your office a more engaging place to work!


Finally, partitions can be an extremely cost-effective way of completely changing the look and feel of your office space. Rather than paying for a complete refurbishment, our fire-rated partitions can be used to transform your workplace.

Perhaps you want to redecorate your space with partitions that match the company branding to create a more professional look for both your team and your visitors to enjoy?

Maybe you’d like to install glazed partitioning with our eye-catching aluminium frames? Our glass walls are also customisable, allowing you to feature graphics and other company branding.

With Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, you’re really able to be as bold as you’d like when expressing your creative side!

Office partition walls | solid and glass partitions in an office space

Office Partition Walls – Sussex and Surrey Partitioning

We hope this blog has opened your eyes a little to some of the ways that office partition walls will create a more profound impact on you and your team whilst at work, more than just being a new piece of furniture!

If you’re interested in having your own office partition walls installed, we’re here to help!

Our expert team have over ten years of experience, and we will help with the design and installation from planning to completion.

We love to work with our clients to figure out the most effective solution to their needs, so get in touch today on 01444 220525; we’d be very happy to help with your next project!

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