Project Summary

Polar Audio

Polar Audio is an established distributor of headphones, music equipment, and audio-visual products.

We have worked with Polar Audio on many occasions over the years, firstly installing a mezzanine floor in 2014. This installation had some design challenges to incorporate the least number of columns in open areas, so that a forklift could work unimpeded.

  • When Polar Audio moved to a new premises in Burgess Hill, we installed a mezzanine floor to maximise the height of the building.
  • We came up with a design that enabled their new forklift to fully utilise the space and height in the new building, thereby enabling maximum pallet positions, and reducing the need for additional outsourced storage space.
  • The installation was carried out in phases in order to utilise existing pallet racking. 
  • Shelving was installed at various depths to accommodate a vast range of stock products. 
  • Most of the work was carried out over two weeks, with the relocation of the existing pallet racking carried out over weekends.
  • Within the new building, the existing partitioning was altered to suit the new layout on both the ground and first floors. This work was carried out with little disruption to the client.


What we have created for the client, is a well laid out warehouse which maximises pallet positioning, and minimises wasted space.

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Iain Williamson, Barrington James

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