Project Summary

Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of no-obligation hearing tests and high-quality hearing aid technology.

Sussex & Surrey Partitioning was appointed by Hidden Hearing to undertake an office refurbishment project to improve their working environment.

Working with Aerofoil Design (who were entrusted with replacing the office furnishings), the 3rd and 4th floor in the Hidden Hearing building in Kent was refurbished. Works included:

  • The carpet and office furniture were entirely exchanged, giving the office a much more modern look.
  • Ceiling tiles were replaced.
  • Complete refurbishment of the toilets on each floor.
  • Replacement blinds were fitted that allow for more natural light within the office.
  • Redecoration of the walls and skirtings to compliment the new aesthetic created by the refurbishment.
  • The kitchen was transformed into a café.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting was installed.


The brief for the project was complex. To avoid a costly shutdown, we were asked to complete our work around the working hours of Hidden Hearing staff. To achieve this, we worked in a consultative capacity with the company, to put together a program whereby our work would not interfere with the day-to-day running of the company.

 This meant that when installing the new suspended acoustic ceiling tiles, we did so when we knew that staff would be working off-site or would be on a break, ensuring that minimal disruption was caused.

Our work so impressed Hidden Hearing, that we are regularly appointed to do work at their various sites.

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“We are absolutely delighted with the office. It is basically everything we wanted. We had regular meetings with Sussex and Surrey all the way through the process, so we got exactly what we wanted and what the staff wanted. They have done an absolutely fantastic job with the office and the office looks amazing! Nothing is too big, nothing is too much trouble. They are fully involved in the process with regular meetings throughout the process.”
Iain Williamson, Barrington James

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