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Mezzanine Floor Installers in Sussex

Mezzanine floor systems are one of the best ways to create usable space out of under-utilised vertical space in your building. In order to get the most out of your space, it’s best to speak to professional mezzanine floor installers.

Whether it’s a storage mezzanine or extra retail floor space, there are a huge number of mezzanine floor applications that we, at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, can help to design and arrange to install a system for.

Mezzanine structures can be designed to fit your space exactly, taking into account building regulations and fire rating requirements too.

Today, we will share a few of the main benefits that a mezzanine installation can bring to your building!

Make Use Of Your Whole Space

Adding additional mezzanine levels above the ground floor allows you to make use of your whole interior space. In buildings with particularly high ceilings, a multi-tier mezzanine floors can be installed to provide even more effective floor space.


Rather than spending a considerable amount of time and money on a premises move, installing a mezzanine can provide you with the space you’re looking for.

Our mezzanines are affordable, and we’ll work with you to understand your budget and create a solution that will work best for you and your situation.


One of the biggest benefits of mezzanine floors is just how versatile they are. Whether you are looking for extra storage, retail space, or even an entirely new office space, a mezzanine floor can do the job.

In industrial settings, we can install safety gates to meet health and safety requirements and allow for easy storage. Our industrial mezzanines are some of our most popular thanks to how versatile they are.

Our team is experienced with all types of mezzanines, so we can assist you from start to finish.

Speed Of Installation

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can install our mezzanines safely and efficiently to minimise the impact on your business’ operation. Unlike undertaking a full facilities move, our team can install a mezzanine floor for you with a fast turnaround, depending on the scale required.

Mezzanine floor installers | Warehouse mezzanine floor with orange pallet gate.

Sussex and Surrey Partitioning – Mezzanine Floor Installers

Here at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we’ve been designing and installing mezzanine floors for many years. We’ve helped countless businesses make use of their space in a more efficient way, to completely transform how they work.

We’ve worked with industrial clients as well as leisure and retail clients, to create bespoke solutions for our client’s needs, and we’re always very happy to get involved no matter the project.

Give our friendly team a call today on 01444 220525 to let us know what you’re looking for, and receive a no-obligation quote.

We can then make arrangements to view your location and work out the best course of action, in order to bring your vision to life!

To learn more about our mezzanine floors, visit the mezzanine page on our website now. Alternatively, we created this short video to explain how our mezzanine floors are built, to give you a better understanding of how they work and what goes into them during the build process.

How Mezzanine Floors Are Built | 2 Minute Animation | Sussex And Surrey Partitioning

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