Framed glass partition | industrial partitions in office space with a coat hanger

Framed Glass Partition Installers Near Me

If you were looking for ‘framed glass partition installers near me’, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we’ve been experts in partition installation for over ten years. Installing bespoke glazed partition systems that adhere to building regulations and help to make your space stand out from the rest.

What is a Framed Glass Partition?

A framed glass partition is similar to your conventional office partition; however, rather than being a solid wall, it’s made up of a glass panel set inside an aluminium frame.

These walls are incredibly durable and long-lasting, and they’re actually more sustainable than traditional partition walls due to being made from mostly natural renewable sources.

Framed glass partition | industrial partitions in office space with union jack rug

These partition walls enable natural light to pass through your office space easily, and they bring a host of wellness benefits to your team.

Natural light has been proven to decrease worker fatigue, lower eyestrain throughout the day, and improve energy and attention.

As well as the human benefits these partitions bring, they also provide a number of aesthetic and ergonomic advances to make your office a better place to work!

Glass walls are a modern alternative to the traditional stud partitions that we’ve all seen in many offices over the years. They serve a purpose and are still incredibly versatile, but glass partitions allow for a more striking look that can help to make your space more eye-catching and enjoyable to be in.

Framed glass partitions can also be customised to fit your needs specifically, and we provide a bespoke service to ensure that your partitions work the best that they can for you.

Customisations include installing DDA-compliant glass doors within your partition system and supplying specific frame colours to make the partitions work with your existing interior design.

What types of Framed Glass Partitions are available?

Depending on your requirements and preferences, we can supply and install a few different types of glass partitions.

Traditional Glass Partitions:

Framed glass partition | Modern glass partitions in office space, meeting room with a door

These are the standard style of glass partitions that we install, made up of a glass panel set inside a single frame. They create a modern look, allowing light to pass easily through your office space. They can also come with frosting to provide privacy to the bottom half of the partition for offices and meeting rooms.

Framed Glass Partitions:

Framed glass partition | industrial partitions in office space

This style has become increasingly popular, drawing inspiration from the industrial Crittall style of glass windows. They work much the same as standard glass partitions, but they incorporate black frames within the panel to break it up into sections and create a striking look in your office.

Sussex and Surrey Partitioning – Framed Glass Partition Installers

No matter what style you’re looking for, our expert Sussex and Surrey Partitioning team is on hand to make your dream a reality.

We’ll conduct a site visit and assess the best options for you, before we move forward with the design process with you involved every step of the way.

To discuss your needs with one of our friendly team members, give us a call today on 01444 220525.

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