Acoustic Partitions – Blocking Sound in Open Plan Office Spaces

Excessive noise is one of the top complaints in open-plan offices. Fortunately, strategically installing acoustic partitions can effectively reduce ambient sounds while maintaining an open layout. 

Have you ever wondered if there’s a solution that will keep your office looking great, whilst allowing you to reduce the amount of ambient noise created? 

Here at Sussex and Surrey Partitioning, we offer a range of acoustic partitions that are perfect for any office space and will help to ensure your space is kept quiet and calm for you and your team members whilst you’re at work. 

Keep reading to learn what acoustic office partitions are and how they absorb or block noise for a calmer, more productive work environment.

What Are Acoustic Office Partitions?

Acoustic partitions are office dividers engineered to absorb or block sound waves using specialised materials, preventing disruptive noise transfer between work zones. There are two main acoustic partition types:

Sound Absorbing Partitions: 

Constructed from materials like fibreglass, acoustic foam, or perforated metal panels, sound-absorbing partitions are designed to take in sound energy rather than reflect it. 

This minimises echo and dampens ambient noise levels without completely muffling voices and workspace sounds. Absorbing panels are ideal for areas where some noise is acceptable, but controlling the openness is desired.

Sound Blocking Partitions:

Sound-blocking partitions act as a full noise barrier, built using dense, heavyweight materials like plasterboard, MDF, or chipboard. They prevent conversations, equipment sounds, and other noises from transmitting through them from one side to the other. Blocking partitions create greater speech privacy for phone calls or meetings.

Benefits of Acoustic Partitions in Offices  

Installing acoustic office partitions offers many benefits for open floor plan environments:

– Improved Concentration – By absorbing excessive ambient noise, acoustic partitions make it easier for employees to focus on detailed and mentally demanding tasks.

– Speech Privacy – Sound blocking partitions prevent private conversations and sensitive information from being overheard in adjoining areas.

– Noise Control – Regulating noise levels in large open offices creates a calmer, more comfortable work environment. The panels stop sound waves from bouncing around the room, creating unpleasant echoes. 

– Versatility – Some acoustic partitions come in movable models mounted on tracks that enable reconfiguring space.

– Professionalism – Containing noise improves customer perceptions of an orderly workspace and minimises disruptions.

– Cost-Effective – Partitions are far more affordable than full construction of walled offices, and they also cause significantly less disruption during installation. Our expert team will install acoustic office screens efficiently, allowing you to continue doing what you do best.

Optimising Acoustic Partition Placement 

Properly placing acoustic panels is key to reducing noise in all the right spots:

– Around Workstations – Absorbing partitions prevent chatter and printer sounds from spreading through open work floors.

– Meeting Rooms – Fully block sound from escaping conference and board rooms. Increasing privacy and ensuring sensitive information stays within the confines of the room. 

– Printer Stations – Contain printer and copier noise to prevent disturbing nearby workers, reducing distractions to team members and creating a more calming space. 

– Breakrooms – Keep kitchen and lounge noise from filtering out to work areas. This ensures that work and leisure spaces are kept clearly separated. 

– Enclosed Rooms – Phone booths for private calls require sound blocking on all sides. 

– Team Spaces – Allow Collaboration without the noise disrupting others.

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